The Paramount Picture

This picture, created by Art Streiber for Vanity Fair, celebrates the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures (click for big version).

This is a great example of photomontage, the kind of effect discussed in this Siggraph 2004 paper by Agarwala et al. and in Section 3.3 of my book. There’s no way you’d get 116 people (much less high-power movie stars) spread out across a 60-foot-wide stage all facing forward and smiling at the same time. Instead, I’m pretty sure that the final result is composed of tens of pieces of photos, seamlessly merged together. (In fact, there’s no reason everyone had to be there at the same time, and they probably weren’t.)

You can make similar results yourself using the free code by Agarwala et al. at the above link.


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