Video Lectures

In Spring 2014, I offered a course at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute based on the book, targeted at beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates. The following playlist contains roughly hour-long video recordings each covering 1-2 sections of the book. Each video contains my voice over a screen capture of handwritten notes, figures from the book, running code on real images, and webpage/video views. The complete set of 26 videos is available in the playlist below:

Here are the individual videos to date broken down by topic:

Lecture 1: Overview of Computer Vision and Visual Effects

Chapter 2: Image Matting

Lecture 2: Bluescreen and Bayesian matting

Lecture 3: Closed-form matting

Lecture 4: MRF and Random Walk Matting

Lecture 5: Graph cut segmentation, video matting, and matting extensions

Chapter 3: Image Compositing and Editing

Lecture 6: Multiresolution blending and Poisson image editing

Lecture 7: Photomontage and Image Inpainting

Lecture 8: Image Retargeting and Recompositing

Chapter 4: Features and Matching

Lecture 9: Feature detectors

Lecture 10: Feature descriptors

Lecture 11: Feature evaluation and use

Chapter 5: Dense Correspondence and its Applications

Lecture 12: Parametric Transformations and Scattered Data Interpolation

Lecture 13: Optical Flow

Lecture 14: Epipolar Geometry

Lecture 15: Stereo correspondence

Lecture 16: Video matching, morphing, and view synthesis

Chapter 6: Matchmoving

Lecture 17: Image formation and single-camera calibration

Lecture 18: Stereo rig calibration and projective reconstruction

Lecture 19: Euclidean reconstruction and bundle adjustment

Chapter 7: Motion Capture

Lecture 20: Motion capture setup and forward kinematics

Lecture 21: Inverse kinematics and motion editing

Lecture 22: Facial and markerless motion capture

Chapter 8: 3D Data Acquisition

Lecture 23: LiDAR and time-of-flight sensing

Lecture 24: Structured light scanning

Lecture 25: Multiview stereo

Lecture 26: 3D features and registration


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